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If you suddenly needed a cronnable Postgresql database update command for SQL text files, you would probably just type:

cat /path/to/some/dir/*.sql | psql -U postgres someDatabase

So, I am asking myself, have I created something pointless?

As it turns out:

  • pgBee keeps track of the update process. If a pgBee instance is killed, the next invocation will carry on from where the previous one has stopped. And if it finds SQL errors, it will report how far it got in the input files before quitting.
  • pgBee is actually faster than psql when executing SQL statements from a text file. psql took 112m (with one transaction for each statement), psql -1 took 97m (with one transaction for the entire file) but pgBee finished in 21m !!! (with one transaction per batch) That’s a whopping 898 operations per second. All tests were run on the same database server (localhost), pgBee was batching groups of 100 statements at a time and a real data file was used, with 1131753 SQL statements in total (511335 DELETEs and 567577 INSERTs).

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