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What a great idea/implementation! A single html file with some Javascript code and you’ve got a self-contained wiki system (data + code) you may carry with you on a USB stick, post online or send via email — your choice! No server or software requirements, except maybe for a modern Javascript-enabled browser (preferrably Firefox). Thank you Jeremy!


TiddlyWiki Markup –

TiddlyWiki (wikipedia) –

You may also be interested in Wiki on a Stick

By the way, TiddlyWiki almost works on my Nokia n800. I may read and edit files properly through the built-in Opera browser, but I cannot save them. There is an Opera work-around, TiddlySaver, but it relies on a .jar file and the n800 has no Java support. Pity!


UPDATE: The + n800 temptation made me fiddle a bit more, and saving now works! (after confirming the unsafe operation 4 times 🙂 All it takes is commenting out or deleting line 549 of the gtd_tiddlywiki.htm file — the one with saveTest() — before your first use. And if you have basic Unix command line skills, here is a quick and dirty script for launching your little agenda from the command line, showing the day’s entries (if you copy-paste you shall see the entire lines):

sed -i '/<div tiddler\="DefaultTiddlers"/s/\[\[.*\]\]/\[\['$(date +%d\\\/%m\\\/%Y)'\]\]/' /media/mmc1/gtd/gtd_tiddlywiki.htm
dbus-send --session --print-reply /com/nokia/osso_browser \ \

… assuming the file resides in /media/mmc1/gtd. Backups will be placed in /media/mmc1/gtd/twBackups.


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