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Category Archives: Erlang

One of the nicest things I have done recently was to attend the First International Erlang eXchange in London ( It was jam packed with exciting information on a variety of topics, and I expect a lot of this information will be popping up over the next few weeks one way or the other. Now, one of the things I discovered at the eXchange was Tsung, a distributed performance-load-stress testing tool for http and postgresql servers written in Erlang – loads of scaling-up potential there. Now, this happens to be an important part of my new job, so please expect more on the topic very soon (real examples, tutorials etc.)

Apparently, there are subtle differences between the terms performance, load and stress testing, you may read an opinion here:

UPDATE: If you’ve come this far, you may also have a look at the following posts (tutorial):

pgTsung: app-specific testing methodology